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HIYATHAN is a Black Women Owned Business

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​ HIYATHAN was started by 2 sisters who wanted to create a product that would be an alternative to pain medications for people who suffer from both chronic and acute pain. Through our own experiences and research we concluded that many pain balms leave you smelly and can be harsh to the skin. We aim to provide a product that leaves you feeling both luscious and relaxed.

Kelsey Williams

Kelsey Williams is the CEO and creator of all products offered. She creates each product in small batches of love. She has a Masters degree in Public Administration focusing on Health Care Management. With her background in mental health as well as working among and serving underprivileged communities she has grown a passion for providing alternatives for pain relief that can combat the current opioid crisis.

Khadiyjah Dawkins

Khadiyjah Dawkins is Co-Founder and Co-Owner as well as the glue that holds it all together. She tirelessly commits to making sure every customer experience is elevated to its highest potential. She has dubbed herself manager extraordinaire with experience spanning over a decade including positions in training, marketing, and management in retail, skincare, and banking. She will always find a way to "make it right" for you and fight for what is moral and ethical. You can catch her being a nurturing mom to her two daughters or leading a project to serve marginalized communities in the workforce. You can trust that if she touches it, it's golden.

Team Members

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Kelsey Williams CEO

Khadiyjah Dawkins


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