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  • 200 mg CBD 
  • SIZE: 4 oz. Bottle


Infused with approximately 200mg of Full Spectrum CBD you will want to massage the CBD infused GINGER & ROSE Hair & Body Oil into any sore spots and/or hair. There are many essential oils in our signature scent Joy, such as Ginger, orange, ylang yang also offer therapeutic treatment. You should began feeling relief within minutes.


200mg of Full Spectrum CBD. There are many essential oils in our products, such as, Lemon Grass, orange, ylang yang which add their own therapeutic aspects. Mangos are chock full of Vitamin A and beta-carotene.



 Relief within minutes. Rejuvenates and revives your skin, adding a natural radiant glow.

*(Topical Solutions work differently for everyone.)



Massage the CBD infused Oil into any spots of discomfort or pain and/or hair for instant relief. 

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